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Noteworthy Music Productions is the one of best music production services around. Get ready to hear your music in a whole new light. We can lay down tracks in our industry-standard recording studio your piece of music for your next production, whether it is video, independent film, radio or pod cast, whatever you need, you will receive a professional-quality recording, expertly arranged and mixed. We offer all these services at affordable rates. For more information, call us on 231-301-0686.

A Great Value Option

While my equipment, studio and ear are up there with the best, I don’t believe in charging top rate for access to my facilities. I keep my prices as low and affordable as possible because we want everyone to be able to experience the rush of their music with a quality set-up. I know you've got a production that needs great themes and backing music, so give me a ring and let's get started on your creative journey.

Production Services

Some Producers have a clear vision for their what will fit the bill and after working on their new show or film, they are ready to add the music during final production. But that's not always the case. If you're a show producer or film maker, you may not have had time to think about the music needed to fit your needs. If you need a fresh new sound and need a composer to take your work to the next level, we are here for you. Send us your concept and what you have in mind and we will get back to you to set up a meeting. Our team has worked on countless pieces and projects and will surely do justice to your production.


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